If you or someone you know is interested in learning how to use technology or if you would like to volunteer to teach these important courses, call us today (954)484-7117 ext. 7 or click below:

senior planet

Our technology training program uses RSVP volunteers and the award-winning Senior Planet curriculum designed for older adults to strengthen seniors' social and economic well-being. OATS, who created Senior Planet, is a New York-based nonprofit, who since 2004 has engaged, trained and supported older adults in using technology to improve their quality of life.


We also teach St. Louis-based Oasis Connections, which is research-based and designed for the needs of adult learners. Each student receives a handbook to use in class and take home.

classes taught

Computer Basics – Learn to set up, send and receive email, search the internet for information, practice online safety, access sources of entertainment and connect to people, organizations and interests that matter to you. No experience required.

Beyond the Basics - Practical and enriching activities for life-management, socialization and entertainment. You’ll learn about advanced email skills, attachments and data storage, social networking, health management and entertainment. Must have computer, internet and email experience.

Money Matters - Learn about smart financial habits, introduce yourself to online resources and develop skills to help manage your money. Class activities include navigating in online banking and price comparison travel websites, explore Amazon, EBay, Etsy and popular share economy websites. Must have computer, internet and email experience.Here is a description of your program.  quam tempus quis.

Enrollment information

  • All classes are designed for adults age 60+ and offered free of charge.

  • All classes meet twice a week and run for 8-10 weeks in the same location, providing 20 total computer classes in a course.

  • Class sizes are small (8-12). Seats are filled on first come basis upon registration.

  • Veteran families are given priority registration at City of Tamarac Recreation Center location.

  • Equipment will be provided. Classes may be taught on a desktop computer or HP Chrome Book depending on availability. Chrome Books are excellent, affordable devices similar to a laptop which make access to the internet easy for older adults.

  • Courses will be offered at different locations throughout Broward and Southern Palm Beach counties.

  • Courses will be added throughout the year.

  • All participants must commit to all 20 classes in the course. Only in emergency cases, make-up sessions may be available and/or re-entry into a future class.

SoFIA Care Logo.png

Are you a caregiver and feel that you don’t have time to take care of your own needs? Are you an elderly individual or adult with a disability who would enjoy a weekly companionship and supportive in home visit from a trained volunteer? SoFIACare can help! We provide respite care services by trained volunteers who provide weekly visits with your loved one. SoFIACare also provides community resources and ongoing training opportunities for caregivers.

  Call us at (954) 484 7117 for help, or click below:

We know family caregivers are often the backbone of care in South Florida. But for many, the economic and emotional costs of caregiving are too high and older adults remain socially isolated. SofiaCare is a holistic approach to meeting the needs of caregivers and isolated older adults with training, rapid response programs, and advocacy. SofiaCare is made possible through the generous support of The Jim Moran Foundation, The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation, and the Corporation for National and Community Service. Keep reading to learn more about the programs and services that make up SofiaCare below.


Caregiver Assistance Program

The Caregiver Assistance Program provides quarterly workshops offering a day of socialization and informational services to caregivers of frail individuals being served through our existing programs.

The quarterly workshops cover topics aimed to reduce stress and ease the challenges of caregiving by providing educational material from knowledgeable community speakers. The grant primarily focuses on serving caregivers or clients who are 80 and older.

The goal of this program is to provide caregivers with a much needed break while providing education on topics relevant to caregiving– Our hope is to support caregivers through this challenging journey and provide them with necessary tools to better care for themselves and their loved ones.

This grant was made possible by the Dignity in Aging Funders Collaborative and support has been provided by the following Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward:

  • Alvin and Gloria Ross Community Care Fund

  • Katz Family Fund

  • Berta Hirschl Fund

  • Mary N. Porter Community Impact Fund

  • Discretionary Community Fund

Caregiver Coalition of South Florida

Recognizing that South Florida is at the epicenter of economic and emotional issues facing caregivers, the South Florida Institute on Aging brought together business and community leaders in August 2017 to identify the top issues facing caregivers. After 6 months of thoughtful planning and discussion, the Caregiver Coalition of South Florida was announced at SoFIA's inaugural Caregiver Symposium. Since August 2017, its founding members of this grassroots effort has worked on a vision, mission and a plan that will ensure we take action towards generating local solutions to help our caregivers thrive. Join the Coalition by emailing to learn more.

Friendly Visitor Program

Are you an older LGBT adult? Do you ever feel lonely? Do you wish you had someone you could rely on to come by, chat, and listen to your concerns? 

As part of the SAGE@SoFIA, an Our Fund Foundation Initiative, the Friendly Visitor Program helps alleviate isolation and reconnects you to other LGBT elders in your area.

There is NO CHARGE to have a Friendly Visitor. Friendly Visitor Program helps alleviate isolation and reconnects LGBT older adults with other people.


Support for SAGE@SoFIA, An Our Fund Initiative, was provided by the Our Fund Foundation, with major contributions from the following donors:

  • The Paul Fasana Charitable Fund at Our Fund

  • Dick Schwarz and Tom Massey

  • The Howard Greenfield Charitable Trust

  • The Scott Bennett Charitable Fund at Our Fund

  • Neil Burmeister and Robert Romano

  • The Stepp Zimmer Fund at Our Fund

  • The Sue Wilder Charitable Fund at Our Fund

  • The DC Allen and Ken Flick No Gay Hate Fund at Our Fund

  • John Pritchard’s Make Change Matter Fun at Our Fund

Support for the Friendly Visitor Program Manager was provided by the following funds at the Community Foundation of Broward:

  • Richard Frisby and Edward Burkhart Fund

  • Gay and Lesbian Broward Community Fund

  • The Wil and Susan Greaton Fund

  • Elizabeth Ryan Fund

  • Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund

Legacy Corps

You can help provide caregiver and veteran support services by and for veteran and military families. As a Legacy Corps Member, you will help serve those in need by:

  • Enhancing the quality of someone’s life by spending approximately 8 - 12 hours per week providing companionship respite services

  • Allowing caregivers the opportunity to take a much needed break

  • Services are designed to support the caregiver, decrease caregiver stress, and improve their ability to continue caring for their love one at home

Legacy Corps Member Benefits:

  • Receive a comprehensive 20 hour training, followed by regular monthly in-service meetings

  • Receive a taxable monthly allowance of $150.00 to offset any cost of volunteering

  • Become a part of a dynamic team of members dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families that have served our country.

  • After a year of service, you will earn an Educational Award of $1527 (can be used by yourself; or if over 55 gift to a child or grandchild at a Title IV Institution of higher learning).


RELIEF for Caregivers

Our volunteers help in-need adults thrive with the RELIEF for Caregivers Program. They provide in-home respite to relieve caregivers of older adults. Respite care can increase a caregiver’s ability to attend to a home-bound senior without becoming ill themselves. It offers a much needed break to family members and loved ones providing constant care for a frail elder and those stricken with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. Whether it’s a day of shopping, a walk in the park or afternoon out, caregivers deserve and need an occasional break. Funding for this program is generously provided by:


SoFIA Fellows - Long Logo.png

Retirement isn’t rosy for you, is it? Are you even able to retire? Or have you had a tough time getting hired because of your age? We can help - just call (954) 484 7117 ext 112 or click below:

Apply to become a SoFIA Fellow and, if accepted, you will receive a 10-week training by instructors and community leaders on how to succeed in working in a nonprofit. Once you graduate, SoFIA places you in an internship with an area-nonprofit where you apply what you learned. We’re harnessing the power of an older workforce to help nonprofit organizations of South Florida achieve their mission.

After a 10-week robust instructional program, participants learn the fundamentals of nonprofit organizations, unique leadership approaches and revitalized workforce skills. After successful completion of the classroom program, students earn certification and are placed in a 10-week internship with an area nonprofit to utilize their new skills and contribute to the advancement of the organization’s mission.

There are only 15 spots for this unique opportunity, so apply today.

Are you a nonprofit leader looking to host a SoFIA Fellow? Contact Rhonda Banker, SoFIA Fellow Program Manager, for more information or call her at 954 484 7117 ext 112.

Sofia Fellows Classroom.png

Your life-long experience is valued at SoFIA.

Whether a retired manager or working paycheck to paycheck, older adults often turn to the nonprofit sector to seek purpose or additional income. But the transition is a personal struggle. Retirement may be a nice vacation at first, but facing 15-20 years of boredom, a dwindling social network and sense of purpose impacts their mental and physical well-being. Add to that the traditional three-legged retirement stool - Social Security, personal savings and retirement savings - is simply not enough due to rising costs of living.

If you're underemployed (a majority of which are households led by people over 65 according to a 2019 United Way report) or unemployed (over 30% of people over 60 in Broward according to the Florida Department of Elder Affairs) retirement is not an option.

SoFIA can help you.
Interested in becoming a SoFIA Fellow? Apply by clicking here today.

Application Details:

FEES for Applicants: $50 application fee + $250 enrollment fee once accepted (Need a scholarship? Apply to get your fees waived.)
FEES for Nonprofits: $300 to be a member of SoFIA Fellows, be matched with an intern, and access to the SoFIA Job Bank.

WHEN: Fall Semester 2019
Classes begin: October 8, 2019 & end December 19, 2019
Classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Internships begin: January 6, 2020

WHERE: SoFIA TLC Center, 2038 N. Dixie Hwy, Suite 102, Wilton Manors, FL 33305

WHAT: Becoming a SoFIA Fellow includes:
1) 10-week classes where you'll learn practical skills
Learn the fundamentals of nonprofits, including unique leadership and workforce skills. The syllabus includes SOFIA’s existing modules such as Nonprofits 101, Fundraising, Board Development, and Human Resources. Contemporary approaches to leadership, management and intergenerational workplaces, SOFIA Tech, and classes on social innovation and entrepreneurialism from experts.

2) Guaranteed minimum 10-week internship at a local nonprofit
You'll become part of the nonprofit's team advancing the missions of organizations that help children, the environment, people with special needs, the homeless, seniors and many more!

3) Become part of SoFIA Fellows Job Bank and be the first to learn of new opportunities at nonprofits
SOFIA Fellows will be invited to join ongoing networking opportunities and your resume will become a part of an alumni job bank should you want to take on more internships. Nonprofits will have access to the database should they seek to hire a Fellow or post a position.

Are you a nonprofit looking to host a SoFIA Fellow? CONTACT RHONDA BANKER, SOFIA FELLOWS PROGRAM MANAGER, TODAY:

Are you someone looking to become a SoFIA Fellow? APPLY ONLINE.

Funding for this program is generously provided by The Frederick A. Deluca Foundation.


Senior Corps

Are you looking to volunteer in the community and even earn some extra income? Watch this video and call us at (954) 484 7117 to sign up for your choice of programs today!

FGP FB.jpg

Foster grandparent program

Since 1965, we have been helping our community’s children. This impactful effort places adult volunteers into Title One schools, nonprofit childcare centers and preschools throughout Broward County to support the most underserved students who are at risk of failing academically. Our volunteers participate in the program are age 55 and over, are role models, mentors, and friends to children with exceptional needs, and volunteer 15-20 hours weekly.

According to research by the National Assessment of Education, early childhood literacy is crucial by third grade. Reading abilities in third grade acts as a barometer for late school success. Children, who read more, are likely to graduate from high school, pursue education and a job. Children thrive from the presence, love and attention from our volunteers.

RSVP Veteran.jpg


RSVP is one of the largest volunteer networks in the nation for people 55 and over. We rely on the skills and talents you’ve learned over the years, and offer opportunities to develop new ones while serving in a variety of volunteer activities within our community.

We are helping Broward County Veterans who are struggling and need assistance transitioning to civilian life. They can succeed with our “battle buddies” who are our veteran volunteers eager to serve. Become a mentor today!

RSVP volunteers can also choose to sign up to teach technology classes through our Sofia Tech Services. Become a trainer today!


Senior Companion Program

As part of our SofiaCare program, our SCP volunteers provide respite services to caregivers of elderly individuals and disabled adults in order for the caregiver to reduce their level of stress and to be able to take care of their own health and personal needs. SCP volunteers also provide weekly companionship and supportive services to isolated adults living with disabilities and elderly individuals.

SCP Volunteers are 55 years and older who are low-income and trained to provide friendship and companionship at no cost to elderly individuals who are often living alone and may be at risk for institutional placement.

SCP Volunteers visit their clients approximately two times a week and serve up to 5 – 20 hours per week. Most are entitled to a tax-free hourly stipend if they meet the income eligibility guidelines. Become a volunteer today!




Access to Affordable housing

Are your kids nervous that you’re living alone? Show them you’re not.

Get a roommate and earn extra income!

SoFIA is proud to partner with Silvernest to provide access to affordable housing for South Florida's aging population. Silvernest is a roommate matching service designed specifically for baby boomers wanting to home share and earn extra income.


SAGE@SOFIA, an OUR FUND FOundation Initiative

LGBT+ Seniors are an important part of our South Florida community. Yet too many lack access to important senior-facing services. SoFIA has partnered with SAGE, a national advocacy and services organization for LGBT+ older adults to expand the scope of our services to include LGBT+ seniors of South Florida. SAGE@SoFIA is a three-year project that is generously supported by the Our Fund Foundation. Through this initiative, LGBT+ seniors will have exclusive access to SoFIA’s technology, companionship and other programs.


Intuition Robotics

Do you know someone who is feeling a little lonely? Ever wonder how technology can help? Now's your chance. SoFIA has partnered with Intuition Robotics to bring digital companions to Florida for the first time. Seniors throughout South Florida have been given an ElliQ, a digital companion, for free.